Essential Info

Backpackers are being employed in agriculture more and more as Australian workers head for the mines and economies across the world mean fewer jobs in other countries.

As a backpacker you need to be willing to travel, be flexible and able to work hard in order to get a job in the outback. Jobs available for backpackers include but are not limited to Station Cook, Governess, Stationhand, Fruit Picker and often Hospitality positions like Barperson.

Some of these positions are permanent and some are seasonal, often an employer will be looking for a backpacker because they only have seasonal or short term work available and they know that a backpacker will want to keep travelling. It is important to establish how long the job is for before you start so you can plan where you go to next.

Tips and Advice

Be flexible and understanding with your expectations, backpackers can be treated like a dogsbody, expected to do any and every thing the employer can think of, as long as you are being paid fairly treat it as a learning experience and a way to get to the next adventure.

Try your hand at any job you are offered, you may not have the qualifications or experience for a particular job but if you are in the right place at the right time, put your hand up and you may learn a new skill to take with you.

If your employer, other staff or friends you have made offer to take you to a local event, like a Campdraft, Show, Pony Club, B&S Ball, Rodeo or similar, GO, it will be an experience you will never forget.