Essential Info

Caretaking a rural property has become a popular option for property owners who want someone to keep an eye on a place they own but don’t live on.

Employers are usually looking for retired or semi retired people, singles or couples who are active and responsible.

The duties required of a caretaker vary greatly, you may find a position where you just live in a house on the property rent free, another position might require that you do a weekly water run, some employers will also want gardens or fences maintained and basic repairs attended to and at the other end of the scale you may be expected to do the basics of running a property, mustering, drafting, moving stock etc.

Whether or not you are paid for these duties is something indicated in the job ad or may be negotiable with the employer. Usually a caretaker will live rent free, sometimes they will have meat included particularly if they can do their own killers and where there is manual labour or more work involved there will also be a wage.

Tips and Advice

It is important to ensure that you and the owner agree, prior to commencing the job, on what you will or will not do for them and what you will receive in return.

If you are undertaking work and not just living in a house you might want to check on what happens if you get injured. Are you employed as a contractor and therefore require your own insurance or are you a Casual employee and covered by the employer?

Have fun! Caretaking is a fantastic way to see Australia, whilst making some money or living rent free!